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Set Building Course

Learn the proven methods and simple secrets to crafting incredible worship sets.  

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9 Lessons. 3 Modules. 

Is your church standing and staring at you during worship? Do you know your sets could be better and more engaging? Want to learn how to create an immersive experience that gets people’s eyes on Jesus and sweeps them up in passionate praise? So much of that is accomplished by learning to build excellent, Christ-centered worship sets. Which is exactly what we’ll teach you in this course.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• The pastoral purpose of a worship set
• The Biblical definition of worship
• How to reveal more of Jesus in your songs
• The importance of strong songs
• How to identify a good congregational song
• How to determine a cohesive theme for your set
• How to assess your band’s strengths and liabilities
• How to pick the best songs for your band
• How to utilize “Anchor Point” songs
• How to build musical and thematic flow
• How to use “Relative Keys”
• How to utilize transitions to create a seamless set
• How to spice up your set with additional elements
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Musical Excellence Course

Learn the techniques and practices that make your volunteers sound like a professional band.

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47 Lessons. 9 Modules. 

This course is an in-depth masterclass that will teach you everything you need to know to help your band excel musically. You will improve your own musicality, your understanding of arrangements, your ability to give clear direction and run great rehearsals. You’ll also learn basic music theory, how to improve your sound, and how to resource your band to show up fully prepared. There’s so much more in this course. It’s the most in-depth course we’ve ever created. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• Why musical excellence matters to God
• How to keep excellence from becoming an idol
• A Biblical definition of excellence
• Advanced Guitar Chord Shapes and Techniques
• Adapting your playing for a full-band context
• 4 ways to improve your singing
• Proper Mic Technique
• Basic Music Theory
• How to utilize the full sonic frequency spectrum
• The primary roles of each instrument
• Approaching songs in terms of sections
• How to use micro-transitions
• 14 tactics for leading your vocalists
• Utilizing a Music Director
• How to improve your church’s sound
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Team Building Course

Learn to build healthy, happy, high-functioning teams through vision, values, and clear onboarding.

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14 Lessons. 6 Modules. 

Want to have healthy, happy, high-functioning teams? Tired of problem people, bad culture, unclear expectations, uncommitted volunteers? This course will teach you everything you need to know to unify your team and inspire them around a shared vision. Bring the joy back to your team and ministry.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• How to craft a compelling vision statement
• How to define your team’s shared values
• How to establish and protect your team’s culture
• How to find and recruit qualified team members
• How to develop an effective audition process
• How to properly onboard new team members
• How to create training and development pathways
• How to have corrective conversations
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Worship Foundations Course

Learn the theological foundations: the role, goals, and tool of a successful worship leader.

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5 Lessons. 1 Module. 

Many worship leaders haven’t been taught the theology of worship and worship leading. In this course, you will learn the Biblical and theological frameworks of a good and God-honoring worship leader. Don’t wonder what your role is supposed to be, or take your cues from social media or YouTube. Let God’s word inform you on what it means to be a Biblical worship leader.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• What God’s Word says about Worship Leaders
• The 4 Biblical roles of a worship leader
• The metrics for success that God is actually measuring
• The primary goals of a successful worship ministry
• The 3 ways worship ministry makes disciples
• How to use music to help people worship in “Spirit & Truth”
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Copy Me Course

Let me show you exactly how I run every single aspect of my worship ministry in a church of 10,000.

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32 Lessons. 10 Modules. 

This course is a behind the scenes look at EVERYTHING I do to keep my large worship ministry healthy and running smoothly. I show you not only WHAT I do each week, month, and year… but I also show you how I do it, and why. From scheduling teams, to how I approach meetings with my senior pastor, to giving a team member feedback… I literally cover it all. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• Rhythms and routines for ministry health
• Optimizing Planning Center with “Tags”
• The best way to schedule your team
• How to create ChordPro chord charts
• How to edit backing track arrangements
• Using Ableton Live
• Advanced midi setup and audio routing
• How to run pre-service meetings
• Training techniques for new musicians
• An effective auditioning process
• How to give feedback to team members
• How to disciple your team spiritually
• How to stay focused and productive
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Vocal Technique Course

Learn how to sing properly. Includes workouts and warm ups to strengthen and protect your voice.

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6 Lessons. 1 Module. 

Most of us weren’t taught how to sing. We kinda just figured it out for ourselves. But what if how you are singing is hindering you. If you want to sing higher and lower, stay on pitch better, and not feel hoarse after a long Sunday of singing, this course is for you. A professional vocal coach will teach you how to breathe properly, and how to sing in head voice, chest voice, and mixed voice. We’ll also give you a weekly full workout and a short 7 minute warm up you can use before your rehearsals or services. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• Proper breathing technique
• Improving breath control
• Identifying your diaphragm
• Proper blending technique
• Head voice and chest voice exercises
• Increase strength, tone, and endurance
• Full vocal workout
• 7-minute warm-up
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Running Rehearsals Course

Learn how to lead your band through an efficient, effective rehearsal so they are confident for service.

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11 Lessons. 2 Modules. 

Want to learn how to lead better worship rehearsals? This course will teach you how to prepare for your rehearsal, how to set your team up for success, how to give clear direction, how to use your rehearsal to train people up, and much more. You’ll also be able to watch me lead several real rehearsals with my team, so you can see the principles in action. Help your team approach Sundays with confidence and excitement.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• The purpose of rehearsal
• How to determine if rehearsal was effective
• 7 vital use-cases for your rehearsal night
• Ways to use rehearsals to train and develop musicians
• The simple practice that will improve your team’s excellence
• The key differences between practice and rehearsal
• How to help your band prepare
• Teaching your band to think in parts and song segments
• The resources you must provide to your team
• The 5 phases of an effective rehearsal
• What to do before your band arrives
• The simple practice that will improve your team’s excellence
• The simple rehearsal trick that will improve your song transitions
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Group Communication Course

Learn how to effectively communicate to a group of people to keep your team engaged and unified.

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5 Lessons. 1 Module. 

Having trouble keeping your team on the same page? Want to do a better job making sure everyone feels connected to what’s happening? In a distracted age it’s hard to make sure our teams are hearing us. This course will teach you the fundamentals of keeping a group of very different people on the same page. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• How to create alignment and cohesion on your team
• The primary goal of effective communication
• How to create clarity in your messaging
• The importance of repetition
• Defining a primary communication channel
• The proper ratio between personal messages and ministry communication
• How to format digital messaging to be quickly digestible
• Why it’s better to overcommunicate than under-communicate
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Increase Engagement Course

Learn to lead your church to sing, participate, and engage in expressive, passionate worship. 

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5 Lessons. 1 Module. 

Wish your church wouldn’t just stand and stare at you during worship? This course will teach you how to get your people to actually engage. There are some simple actions you can take that will both train and encourage your church to participate more during musical worship. 

Some of the things you’ll learn:

• The “Engagement Formula”
• 15 factors that influence engagement
• The importance of Pastoral example
• Ways to train greater engagement
• How to use “Vocal Cues” to encourage singing
• Methods to teach Biblical expressions of worship
• How to be comfortable speaking and praying onstage
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8 Essentials Course

Learn the 8 essential areas of a thriving worship ministry, and how to improve each one.

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9 Lessons. 1 Module. 

There are some common habits of healthy and thriving worship ministries. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big church or a small church. If you take care of these eight areas outlined in this course, you will have a great worship ministry. This short course will teach you what they eight areas are, and give you simple, clear action steps to improving each one. 

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Team Devos (52 Weeks)

52 weeks of done-for-you team devotions to disciple your team spiritually. 

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52 one-page printable discussion sheets

Want to disciple your team, but not sure how? These team devotions are designed specifically for worship teams. Print out copies for your team each week, and watch as your team opens up to the Word of God and to each other!

Each lesson comes with a scripture, a summary, discussion questions, and a closing prayer.


• Watch your team grow spiritually
• Deepen connection and relationships
• Gain a better understanding of worship and theology
• Theologically neutral and Biblically based
• Watch your team grow spiritually
• Save time each week with done-for-you devos
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Team Building Activities

15 completely planned, fun team activities to help your teams grow together and bond.

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 15 Activities. 35 Pages. 

Want to create meaningful connections with your team? Want to be a team that laughs and has fun together? Then use our completely planned team activities. You can do one per month, or one per quarter to increase connection and cohesion on your team. Complete with activities and instructions for each event. 


• Improve culture
• Have fun together
• Strengthen friendships
• Create a joyful atmosphere
• Save time
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Audition Process Template

A completely done-for-you audition process including documents, guides, and music

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 16 Pages. 4 Documents. 

Looking for an effective audition process for your worship team? Look no further. This Audition Process Template has everything you need. It’s completely done for you. All you need to do is add your church’s name to the documents. You’ll get the necessary documents, a volunteer application, interview instructions and questions, and song resources and files (to use for the actual audition)! It’s literally “plug and play”. 


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Onboarding Docs Template

Create clarity and culture for new volunteers with onboarding docs: vision, values, and expectations.

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11 Pages. 4 Documents. 

This resource will help you properly onboard new volunteers. It will create culture, set expectations, and strengthen your team across the board. The onboarding process is one of the most important tools you have in shaping the team. This template will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating vision, values, expectations, and information documents for your new (or current) team members. 

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Team Member Self Assessment

Help your team members keep improving with this annual self-assessment survey.

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8 Pages. 1 Document. 

This self-assessment document will help your team members evaluate how they are doing in regards to the expectations you’ve set out for them. This assessment covers spiritual growth, musical growth, commitment levels, and more. Send it out once a year to help your team members keep improving. 

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Ministry Task List Template

Stay organized and on the ball. Never fall behind with our done-for-you ministry task list template.

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Free Software Template

Staying on top of all of the things you have to do in ministry can be difficult. But this task list template will literally tell you everything you need to do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis in order to have a healthy, stable ministry. If you follow this plan, you will see your ministry improve. 

Follow the instructions to create a free Taskade account, then import the template and use it each day to stay on top of the ball. 


• No more forgetting things
• No more anxiety
• Get a road map for the actions you need to consistently take. 
• Completely customizable if you need to make changes
• Software is free forever. No monthly fees. 
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