Author: Alex Enfiedjian

Recovering The Lost Art of Congregational Singing w/ Keith Getty

As many churches try to replicate stadium-style worship concerts in their weekly gatherings, the art of congregational singing is declining. Participation from congregants is down and what was supposed to be a participatory event has turned into passive observers watching leaders dance around a technicolor stage. But Keith and Kristen Getty are on a mission to revitalize congregational singing in churches across the globe. Today I talk with the prolific, modern day hymn-writer, Keith Getty about why congregational singing matters, why it’s in decline and how we can encourage more of it in our churches. Find out more about...

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6 Reasons To Have A Mid-Week Worship Rehearsal

Recently I became the worship pastor of a much larger church with multiple worship services per week. The sheer number of services requires a lot from our volunteer musicians so up until now there has never been a separate night dedicated to rehearsals. Currently, rehearsals are held an hour and a half before each service. This approach is new to me, and quite honestly a little stressful! In all my previous ministries I have had a separate midweek worship rehearsal to get parts dialed in, transitions tightened up, and see how the set flows. I would be lying to...

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Tutorial: How To Create ChordPro Format Chord Charts

ChordPro format chord charts are becoming increasingly popular in worship ministries because of their flexibility and time-saving nature. What Are ChordPro Format Chord Charts? ChordPro Format chord charts are similar to regular chord charts, except that they embed their chords into the lyrics of a song using a simple “code” [brackets]. These brackets act to anchor the chords over specific words, which allows software like Planning Center or apps like OnSong to convert the chord charts into multiple keys with the click of a button. Because the chords are anchored to specific words, they remain in their correct placement regardless of...

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Using Vocal Cues To Help Your Church Sing

As worship leaders, our job is not to sing, but to help the people sing. We are facilitators of the congregational choir. One way we can help facilitate is by using “vocal cues”. Vocal cues are the things you say or sing to help your congregation know where you’re going next in a song. Today’s episode feels less like a lecture, and more like you’re sitting across from me in my office with our guitars, working through some real-life examples of using vocal cues well. You’ll hear about how to sing them, say them, proper timing, tone, non-verbal cues and more. Enjoy...

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Ableton Live Template for Worship

Ableton Live ‘Click & Pads’ Worship Template When I first purchased Ableton Live four years ago, I immediately jumped online and searched for a template created specifically for worship leaders. I did not want to play with pre-produced backing tracks, so I was looking for something with a little more flexibility. To my surprise, no one had created an Ableton Live Template for Worship! This set me out on a journey of researching, testing and tweaking until I arrived at this template designed specifically for those making music in a worship setting. This template is designed to be easy...

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